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Want to ACE this year's gift for a woman who loves tennis? We’ve got you covered. 


Between picking out high-quality equipment to being the third person to give them that sweatband or can of tennis balls, finding the perfect gift for a serious tennis enthusiast can be stressful. 

That’s why this year, we dug deep into our tennis bags to compile a list of what items we absolutely can’t live without and a few we’d love to see in there next time we're on the court. Handpicked by our team, our tailor-made gift guide for tennis fans will be game, set, and match this holiday season.

1. The Babolat Drive Tennis Racket

If she’s asking for a new racket, no need to keep looking. The Babolat Pure Drive Racket is one of the most popular and versatile rackets in the world, making it a foolproof gift when it comes to buying your loved one tennis equipment. Not only is it used widely on tour, but it is also one of the bestselling rackets of all time because of its ability to bring power to the palm of any player. So no matter her skill level, we can guarantee she will absolutely love playing with this versatile racket. 

2. The ACE Crewneck

She’ll have nothing but love for this perfectly oversized sweatshirt that keeps her warm on her way to an early morning match or when lounging at home. Our Ace Crewneck is a Jerzee sweatshirt made with sustainably sourced USA-grown cotton. It is made with NuBlend pill-resistant fleece and has 1x1 rib cuffs and a waistband with spandex for stretch and recovery. Available in both black and white, it will be a true staple in her closet. 

3. Feetures Socks for some happy feet

When it comes to picking out activewear, socks tend to be an afterthought. But not all socks are created equal. If you hear your loved one complaining about sore feet after a match, popping a pair of Feetures Socks into her stocking will serve her well. All Feetures socks are engineered with targeted compression and anatomical design to create a custom-like fit that provides comfort and support to the areas where feet need it most. They're designed based on how our feet naturally move, with a sock made specifically for the left foot and the right. This creates a just-right fit that helps prevent blisters and keeps the socks from slipping down when we're on the move. We promise, a pair of Feeture Socks make for some very happy feet, which can be all the difference in her performance on the court. 

4. A Foam Roller for some TLC

Supporting post-match recovery should be high on your list if you want to help her improve her game. That’s why we're adding a tried and true foam roller to our list. Not only can rolling prevent common shoulder and back injuries, but it also helps to promote healthy blood circulation, reduces tension and can ease any stress that could impact her game (tennis is as much a mental game as it is a physical one, after all). Further, foam rolling reduces muscle tightness improving overall flexibility and helps avoid any sprains or muscle strains during a game. And there is no need to drop lots of money on them. This roller is a great option because it comes as it comes in various sizes. The smaller option can better target wrist or arm pain. The larger sizes are better for bigger areas, like your shoulders, your back, your glutes or your legs.

5. Personalized Tennis Balls

Yes, a can of tennis balls might be a bit of a redundant gift, but hey, they sure are useful. This year, add a little extra flair to this go-to stocking stuffer with personalized tennis balls. We have no doubt they’ll be a hit Christmas morning and on the court. 

6. Isla Pleated Tennis Skirt

Give her the gift of style and function with our Isla Pleated Tennis Skirt. This lightweight, high-performance skirt makes the perfect gift for anyone who loves to look good and play well. It’s available in both classic white or custom dyed fabric, features a soft waistband, and has built-in compression shorts made with recycled fabrics. It also has unbeatable BodyCare® anti-bacterial and wicking for the toughest matches or workouts. 

7. ACE Gift Card

Still not sure what she’d love most? ACE gift cards leave the decision-making to her instead of you. Just choose your amount and pop it into a greeting card along with a heartfelt message. She’ll be grateful to have it next time she needs new high-performance activewear. No matter what she chooses, she’ll be treated to dual-function, sustainable apparel that not only keeps up with her on the court but will become an everyday staple in her closet too.