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Designing A Better World

Our athletic wear is designed and manufactured to support you and the environment, and this is a job we don’t take lightly.

From our eco-friendly packaging and practices to our high-quality materials, we promise to keep our commitment to bettering the world around us.

Our fabrics are carefully sourced to meet OEKO-TEX Standard 100 and are made of almost 100% recycled high-performance fibers. All of our orders are shipped in recycled kraft paper mailers. Our garments are made in a local high-quality manufacturing facility that supports our community and reduces our carbon footprint by cutting back on container shipping.


Sustainable Clothing


We Use Recycled Polyester

We're striving to reduce our environmental impact which is why we use recycled polyester(rPET). Made from recycled plastic bottles and containers instead of plastic, rPET uses 33-53% less energy than regular polyester and can be re-recycled too! With the same look and feel as regular polyester, rPET offers you something money can't buy: the comfort of knowing you're doing your part too.


Quick Dry, Anti-Bacterial And UV-Cut Fabrics All Rolled Into One.

We’ve got you covered no matter what you get up to. Our fabrics absorb moisture directly into the fabric, include a natural antibacterial agent, and also block and absorb 99.9% of UVrays. This means your Ace wear will always keep you cool, dry, stink-free and sun-safe.


Eco-Friendly, One Of A Kind Prints

Traditional screen printing is chemical-laden and harmful to the planet. New, eco-friendly methods of screen printing involve using water-soluble inks that are better for the environment and reduce electricity used in processing. This is our printing method when printing our unique patterns, and is just one more reason to feel good in your Ace wear.


Made From Organic, Responsibly-Sourced Cotton

Did you know that it takes approximately 2,700 litres of water to produce 1 cotton t-shirt? This is just one of the many reasons we use only organic, responsibly-sourced cotton. Our cotton is 80% rain-fed while traditional cotton is typically grown using irrigation.We believe every choice can make a difference and this small choice rescues our environmental footprint and allows our customers to use their purchasing power to build a better future—from farm to fashion.