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Women's Active Wear Ace Athletics Sponsored Athlete Hollie Naughton Wins Canadian National Squash Championships

World #20 Hollie Naughton is no stranger to winning! Naughton now reigns supreme as Canada's #1 ranked women's squash player and is now a three-time winner of the annual national championship, having previously won it in 2016 and 17. Her experience has led her to many wins at the Pan American Games, Professional Squash Tours, and with the Canadian National Team.

The win comes in beautiful Jack Poole Plaza, with the North Shore mountains in the back and spectators from around the world and across the country. Canada's best squash players met in Vancouver, British Columbia, from June 1-5 with almost 400 participants competing in 32 different categories battling at six venues to crown a national champion.

In the end, despite all her accomplishments and accolades, Hollie had this to say about her national title: "I am thrilled to win my third national title and finish the season on a high! Nationals always add a little more pressure than any other event, and that's what makes it sweeter to win the title! I can't wait to get back to training after a couple of days to reset and spend some time with my family and friends. Until next year!"

Winning With Women’s Active Wear: Ace Athletics on Top!

Adding Hollie to the Ace Athletics program is a no-brainer. She sports an all-star attitude, is a fantastic role model, and is a great squash ambassador! Her positivity, athleticism, and winning ways create a stepping stone for the future generation of players that will take up the mantle after her. Rocking women’s squash clothing is another story!

With Hollie's guidance, fine-tuning designs that will fit any sports competition is much easier. Her key role in helping shape a culture of diversity that includes different disciplines of sport is something that Ace Athletics is excited to offer. Sporting women's active wear has never been more anticipated than at our company.

Founder of Ace Athletics, Carolyn Sewell, added, "It was surreal to watch Hollie compete here in Vancouver for the National Championships where Ace Athletics is headquartered. Being able to witness Hollie win the title and to see her wearing our new spring high-performance collection at the squash nationals court was a moment to remember."

Linking Women’s Active Wear with Champions

Ace Athletics is proud to launch a new wave of high-performance women's active wear. Our spring collection is reaching new heights. Ace Athletics primarily has a presence in producing tennis clothing and workout wear, but being able to work as women's squash clothing is fantastic! If you wear our clothing, it shouldn't be a temporary solution. We want it to work seamlessly for your most demanding workouts and competitions.

Hollie featured our new spring collection for 2022 with our Mesh Panel Tennis Skirt, Mesh Tie Back Tank, Isla Pleated Tennis Skirt, and Flow Lined Tennis Skirt.

Stylish Designs

Look good, feel good? It's not just a saying!

Dressing with a purpose can be challenging since you have to account for many variables: the weather, the occasion, and how long you will be out - it's all too much. Ace Athletics wants garment designs that fit your style so that you can rock your look anywhere, for any possibility. Our women's active wear has various shades, styles, and cuts that you can adjust according to your tastes.

Our line includes mesh tank tops, endurance tank tops, sports mesh, high and full-coverage tank tops, performance crewnecks and sweatshirts, and an assortment of skirts and leggings. Mix and match until you find your perfect combo and show the world what you're capable of. Ace Athletics stresses manufacturing products that support the environment. We use recycled polyester, organic, responsibly-sourced cotton, and eco-friendly prints that involve screen printing with water-soluble inks. Our dual-function apparel builds on athleisure, style, and sustainability!


Come for the design; stay for the durability.

The longevity of your clothes is an essential condition you must consider when considering buying new clothes. Take note of the strength, stretchability, elastic recovery, abrasion and tear resistance, colour fading sun protection, and body odour prevention, especially with sportswear! Nature is not kind to your clothing and that intensifies by what you put it through.

Ace Athletics solves that by producing clothing made from a lightweight fabric with high tensile strength. Stretch it as much as you want, put it through the wringer, and involve it with your most strenuous workouts; we guarantee that it will come out on top. Our leggings feature UPF 50 to protect against the damaging effects of the sun and prevent fading.


True value lies in the functionality.

Functional products enhance usability. Being dynamic in what a product can do improves user experience. Functionality is an excellent gauge for how effectively a company communicates its ideas to its clients or customers. If the product's design is pleasing to the eye but doesn't do its job, what was the point in buying it? 

Our women's active wear has unique performance characteristics for seamless control between the environment and your objectives. Our products offer minimum drag resistance; our sport skirts feature built-in compression and hip-hugging waistbands, while our leggings and sweaters have multiple pockets, NuBlend pill-resistant fleece, and spandex for stretch and recovery.


Enjoy being in your clothes.

Being comfortable in your clothes allows you to listen to your body without distraction. Introducing the perfect textile fabrics and garment design for customers will make people want to wear the product more often. Tactile and thermal comfort characteristics help bridge the interaction between sportswear and different levels of physical activity. Ensuring the fabric doesn't produce any unwanted sensation is important to women's active wear.

Our fabric at Ace Athletics offers maximum comfort due to its lightweight, sustainable material. It provides a soft feel and moisture-wicking properties that keep you cool in hot weather and warms you in cold climates. Our material absorbs moisture directly into the fabric and includes natural antibacterial agents that prevent odours from developing. Thermal regulation and adaptability make our products a joy to wear in any condition.

Photo credit: Corina Lynn and Squash Canada