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How the Right Clothing can Enhance Athletic Performance

We all know “dressing for success” is important, and it is all the more relevant if “success” is getting your glow on while exercising. If your goal is to improve your performance with training and dedication it's also important to choose the right apparel for the job. Here we share six reasons why the right clothing can help with athletic achievement.

Wearing the right attire to practice your favourite sport is important. You want to focus on the game, not what you’re wearing. No one wants to be pulling on or adjusting clothing when they should be focusing on their perfect serve. Your athletic apparel should be designed to fit your body, with movement in mind. Take, for example, the tennis skort when considering sport-specific attire. What began as a style preference for women, has transformed into modern and wearable yet highly functional sporting gear (think compression shorts and friction-free seams).

Protection from injury
It’s a good idea to consider the type of athletic wear that you are choosing in terms of injury prevention. The right fit and support of running shoes could help eliminate the possibility of rolling an ankle. Gloves during climbing aid in grip and can lessen callouses. Choosing the right fit and high-quality products is a choice for safety.

Freedom in movement
Beginning in 2010, swimmers were banned worldwide from wearing polyurethane and neoprene suits during competition. The high tech suits eliminated drag in the water so effectively they created an unfair advantage — proving just how powerful freedom of movement is in athletics and how the right materials can help provide a competitive leg up.

Enclothed cognition is an interesting psychological concept that states with the right tools (in this case, sports clothing and accessories) you feel more confident and it has been proven that higher confidence directly enhances performance. Athletic wear that you feel good in with soft and comfortable materials that is designed to fit your body translates to a more confident, more successful athlete!

Fabric choice
Technological advancements in fabric are truly incredible and much athletic attire boasts a wide array of benefits that an old t-shirt just cannot hold a candle to. Moisture-wicking material helps keep you drier for longer (if you're wet, you're heavier and uncomfortable and more likely to tap out of the workout sooner). Highly technical and functional material can also be sustainable! Many brands that are globally conscious will use fabric such as 100% recycled high-performance fibers . Style, function, and sustainability, you truly can have it all!

Protection from the elements
Athletic wear may have lots of modern advancements but the final way that it can benefit your performance is simple. Protection from the elements. Hot sun? Grab your hat and SPF protective, light clothing. Rainy weather will require water-proof gear. The right clothing for the elements allows you to practice your preferred sport in all weather and excel in your training, year-round.

Whether on the court or in the pool, the clothing that we choose for our sport creates an environment for excellence.

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