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As part of an industry that pays far too little attention to its impact on the environment and people around us, we knew from day one that Ace Athletics could do better. This focus has led us to commit to using high-performance, eco-friendly fabrics to create chic, feminine styles that empower women to feel their best. After all, we believe our activewear shouldn’t just make a statement but have a real impact on people and our planet. So with what, we felt it was time to say hello and reintroduce ourselves.

⁠If you're new here and not familiar with what we are about, here are six need-to-knows about Ace Athletics:

We are a 100% female-founded and operated eco-friendly activewear brand 
That’s right! At Ace Athletics, it’s our mission to support women with high-performance, sustainable tennis-inspired clothing that is not only designed to keep up with you on the court but be an everyday staple in your closet. 

We care just as much about our environmental impact as we do about the performance of our garments. That’s why our fabrics are carefully sourced to meet OEKO-TEX Standard 100 and are made of almost 100% recycled high-performance fibres.

Quick-dry, anti-bacterial and UV-cut fabrics for all your pursuits
While our first love was tennis, our apparel is designed to keep up no matter what you get up to. Our gear absorbs moisture directly into the fabric, keeping you dry and comfortable all day long. We also use a natural antibacterial agent (no harmful chemical here!) to help keep your clothes stink-free. Our fabric also protects your skin by blocking 99.9% of UV rays (equivalent to SPF 50) which is a skin saver on those long, sunny days.

We use 90% recycled fabrics
Traditional Polyester isn’t recyclable. That’s why we’re focused on reducing our environmental footprint by using recycled polyester (rPET). Made from recycled plastic bottles and containers, rPET can be re-recycled afterwards and uses 33-53% less energy to produce than regular polyester.

This dramatically lowers our environmental impact. It reduces reliance on virgin petroleum as raw material and decreases greenhouse gas emissions caused by creating and processing virgin polyester. Also, using recycled bottles and containers diverts plastic from ending up in landfills or in the ocean. Not bad, hey?

We use organic, responsibly-sourced cotton
The clothing industry is one of the biggest consumers of the world's water. So our small decision to use organic cotton as opposed to traditional cotton comes with a big impact.

It takes approximately 2,700 litres of water to produce one cotton t-shirt whereas organic, responsibly-sourced cotton receives 80% of its water from natural rainfall. Pesticides or genetically engineered seeds are not used when growing organic cotton which reduces water usage by 88% and energy consumption by 62%.

No chemical-laden and harmful screen printing here!
We choose printing methods that support our ecosystem. We only use eco-friendly methods of screen printing that involve using water-soluble inks that are better for the environment and reduce the amount of electricity used in processing. 

We’re extra mindful when it comes to packaging and shipping. 

We’ve reduced our packaging waste by shipping all orders in 100% recycled kraft paper mailers. Further, all Ace garments are made in a local high-quality manufacturing facility located in Vancouver, Canada. This reduces our carbon footprint by cutting back on container shipping and helps support our local community. 

We're firm believers in feeling good not only in but about the clothes that we wear. As we continue to grow, we remain committed to continuous improvement in our sustainability practices. We also remain committed to being mindful of how our actions as an women’s activewear brand can truly empower our customers to feel their best in our garments.